The Fickle Nature Of Financing And How Ignite Funding Is Changing The Game

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

In the realm of financing, borrowers often find themselves navigating a complex landscape filled with strict parameters and frustrating roadblocks. Traditional banks and even trusted friends and family members impose specific criteria that can hinder borrowers in various ways. In this world dominated by traditional banking systems, countless borrowers and projects are left stranded, desperately searching for a lifeline that seems out of reach.

One common challenge arises when borrowers start to outgrow their regional banks or exhaust the available capital from their close circle. While their ventures may show promise and potential, they are caught in a frustrating limbo. They become too small to qualify for financing from national banks yet find that their scale has surpassed what their local bank or friends and family can provide.

Another hurdle borrowers encounter is when they come across unique project opportunities that hold big potential. These ventures may inject new life into industries or offer innovative solutions. However, the assets or collateral associated with these projects fail to meet the stringent standards set by banks. Despite the projects potential, borrowers often find themselves at a loss, unable to secure the necessary funding to bring their ideas to life.

There is also the fact that the ever-changing market demands adaptability. Borrowers who seek to stay ahead of the curve with products or projects that align with shifting consumer needs are often faced with disappointment when seeking financing. To put it simply, no one realized Facebook (NASDAQ: META) would take off until it did, before then it seemed like a crazy idea to many. Traditional banks, friends and family have a tendency to maintain their rigid standards, lacking the foresight or flexibility needed to recognize the value of these forward-thinking ventures.

In this world of constricted opportunities, borrowers often find themselves trapped between the increasing demands of their projects and the immovable criteria of traditional lending sources. That's why innovative lenders like Ignite Funding are so crucial to these borrowers. Ignite Funding is a company that acts as a conduit between bankable borrowers and seasoned investors seeking real estate investment opportunities. The firm specializes in providing financing solutions in the form of loans collateralized by Trust Deeds, offering attractive returns to investors.

In turn, investors benefit from Ignite Fundings ability to lend to bankable borrowers on short-term Trust Deed investments that are collateralized by a thoroughly underwritten property and yield double-digit annualized returns paid through to investors as monthly income this creates a passive income stream for the companys customers while also facilitating financing to help support business growth and innovation for investees. Ignite Funding does not implement a prepayment penalty, allowing borrowers to be more versatile and move on to new projects more quickly. This can translate into greater returns for the borrower by completing more short-term projects and contributing to their overall success in the long run.

With a track record of facilitating over a billion dollars in real estate loans, Ignite Funding has established itself as a trusted platform in the industry, especially in the western United States.

As a financing platform, Ignite Funding offers investment options for everyday investors that are an alternative to traditional banking channels. Investors are often met with double-digit returns.

Ignite Funding carefully selects and underwrites real estate projects, ensuring that the investment opportunities presented to potential investors are viable and secure. The companys dedication to transparency, rigorous due diligence and commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships have made it a leading player in the real estate financing landscape.

If you would like to receive additional information related to investments, text the word Ignite to 702-919-4281 or download Ignite Fundings free 8 Steps to Trust Deed Investing whitepaper.

Discover the power of Ignite Funding's real estate investments backed by collateral, where you become the bank and earn monthly income from your investment dollars. We offer a unique alternative investment that connects quality real estate Borrowers with Investors who are seeking capital preservation in collateralized turn-key real estate investments, all while enjoying an impressive 10% to 12% annualized return.With a rich history dating back to 1995, Ignite Funding has continuously adapted to the ever-changing real estate landscape. Originally starting as a traditional home mortgage lender, we quickly transformed our business in 2011 to meet the growing demand for lending from homebuilders and developers. Since then, we have successfully funded over a Billion dollars in loans using Investor capital.

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